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 A gold medal winner in the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival in 2013 in the overproof category, Rum Fire is a Jamaican White overproof rum made in pot stills at the Trelawny Hampden Estate, one of the oldest distilleries in Jamaica. Released initially only in Jamaica in 2011 it is now more widely available in the United States.  A fairly slow food version of fermentation and distillation ( still using cedar vats a rare thing these days) and pot distillation, making this an unusual and artisanal rum,

Appearance: Sparkly clear bright distillate, it leaves a thin but distinctive edge line on swirling with thin legs and some

First Impression: Fruity, spirity ( due to the high proof), but fairly mild and quite aromatic in a nice way.

Taste: Fairly typical or characteristic high ester Jamaican profile in some ways, fruity in a spirity way, with  jackfruit, pineapple, cashews, almonds, tropical fruits along with the smell of sugar cane molasses with a sweet entry and a drying finish (due in good part to a high proof)